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Has your fundraising activities gone to the dogs?
If not, it should!

    Here is an opportunity to use the book, Tailsville Trail to help generate additional revenues for your organization. Simply pre-book orders for Tailsville Trail at the suggested retail price of $10.95 or more. When your fundraising drive is complete, use the link below to send an email for a discount code to use when you place your order at a substantially discounted price and your organization keeps the profit.

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Let our dogs help your dogs (and cats too).

   What a great opportunity to find NEW donors for your organization. Reach out to the veterinarians in your area and have them display information announcing the fundraising campaign, set up a booth at your local pet stores, libraries, pet shows, sporting events. The possibilities are endless!

    In the process, you’ll collect contact information for future donors from the people who participate with this fundraising activity! When your volunteers deliver Tailsville Trail to those who supported you, it is another opportunity to ask for their support.

   Rest assured, you place your order directly with the books publisher, CreateSpace. CreateSpace is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com - one of the most trusted names in electronic commerce. You don't send a single penny to us!



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