The Characters that settled the Old West

"I'm over hyped and under estimated."  Doc Hound, Tombstone


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These are just a few of the "Old West Legends" you'll meet along the Tailsville Trail.

Lewis Leonberger and Clark Corgi and their Pack of Discovery
Sacagawea Saluki
Igasho Indian Spitz
General George Armstrong Collie and the 7th Pack
Sitting Bull
Crazy Pooch Plott
Bulldog Bill Cody and his show pack

Billy "The Pup" Harrier
Marshal Wyatt Eurasier
Marshal Charlie Basset
Doc Hound
Big Nose Kate Kuvasz
Sooner Samoyed
Black Bart Beagle
Sheriff Pat Golden Retriever
Sniff "Six Shooter" Bloodhound
Armani Affenpinscher
Ike and Billy Chihuahua
Tom and Frank Malchi
Austin McPaws


Sheriff Johnny Boxer
Josephine "Josie" Maltese
Johnny Rottweiler
Castro Chihuahua
Geronimo Great Dane
Garth Beagle
Judge Roy Beauceron
Hastings Hound
Harney Afghan
The Donner Dachshund Pack
Chief Red Paw
Tonto Redbone Coonhound
Duke Dalmatian
James Butler "Wild Bill" Harrier
Swearengen Schipperke
Calamity Jackshund
Seth Bullmastiff
Sol Staghound
McCall "Crooked Nose" Mutt
Klondike Keeshond
Big Bob Barker
Hedley Lab'Aire
Sheriff Bart Black Lab



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