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If you're traveling the "New" Old West your guide better have a good sniffer


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Ford Beagle - Author of Tailsville Trail and A Tale from Tailsville

Ford Beagle

Author, Tailsville Historian and Howler

Ford Beagle has been the Tailsville's historian and curator of the Tailsville Museum for as long as any one can remember. Ford is known throughout Tailsville as a trusted and respected member of society. He’s not known to chase his tail too often or spin yarns. He’s a straight shooter who always puts what’s best for Tailsville before his own needs.

That all changed following the recent Tailsville election.  Ford was so disgusted he figured he'd hit the road and kill a year until things settled down in Tailsville. He ended up at my doorstep and has been running the place since his first paw hit the floor in "our" house.

Since that first day, he's been sticking his nose in everyone's business.  His first tale, A Tale from Tailsville raised quite a stink in Tailsville.  Now, he's "mixing it up" with every tail who ever traveled the Wild Old West.  Along the way, he's taken on Billy "The Pup," Doc Hound, Black Bart Beagle, Marshal Wyatt Eurasier, James Butler "Wild Bill" Harrier and every other tail that traveled the Old West path known as the Tailsville Trail.  Ford's living life like he has an endless supply of bones to share.

In my opinion, Ford needs to spend more time chasing his tail rather than spinning tales.


The "Wild West" has gotten a little "Old" and dusty.  Travel along the Tailsville Trail with Ford Beagle as his tail swings from adventure to adventure and in the process cleans up the places you think you know.  This is the "almost" true story of how the "Old Wild West" was tamed.

Along Ford Beagle's adventure, which begins with two explorers, Lewis Leonberger and Clark Corgi and their Pack of Discovery, you'll travel up the recently discovered river named after Missouri Maltese.    From St. Louis, it's up the "Muddy Mo" to Fort Yankton.  You'll arrive just in time to help send off General George Armstrong Collie and the 7th Pack on their exploration of the West and ultimately on their way to the Little Big Bone to do battle with Sitting Bull, Crazy Pooch Plott, Geronimo Redbone Coonhound and their pack of Indian Spitz.

What awaits General Collie and the 7th is only a small piece of this story.  You'll get nose-to-nose with Billy "The Pup" Harrier, Black Bart Beagle, Doc Hound, Wyatt Eurasier, James Butler "Wild Bill" Harrier, Calamity Jackshund, the Donner Dachshund Pack and many more.  You'll visit Broken Bone, Stinky Springs, Dodge City, Tombstone, have a front row seat to the shoot-out at the OK Kennel, visit the Big Dig (aka the Grand Canyon), Deadwood and eventually it's on to Tailsville.

Finally, you'll learn the "almost" true story of how such places as Yankton, the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, Harney Peak, and the Rocky Mountains were named.  As if that weren't enough, and by any tale it should be, you'll learn how "golf" got its name, who saved Rock Ridge, how "Silver and Gold" became a Holiday favorite and a whole bunch of other neat stuff too numerous to fit into this space.

So, settle in with your pooch, if you don't have one go borrow one, and get ready to hit the recently cleaned up trail.  This trail isn't dust free but Ford has cut down on the number of ticks and fleas along the way.  Your adventure is only a scratch away!



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