Lewis and Clark start your journey

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Tailsville Trail Map Western Legends Introduction by Hugo Pug Chapter Titles




Chapter Titles


1.  UPS Delivers a Package

2.  Lewis and Clark's Pack of Discovery

3.  Fort Yankton:  The Birthplace of Tommy Terrier

4.  Tommy Terrier Goes from Pup to Pooch

5.  Dodge City here we Come

6.  Dodge City:  No Shooter Collars Allowed

7.  Oscar Otterhound:  You Can Run but You Cannot Hide

8.  Marshal Wyatt Eurasier Redeems Himself

9.  The Show before the Show


10.  The Shoot Out at the OK Kennel

11.  Fool's Gold

12.  Independence Day Came Twice on the Same Date

13.  Deadwood or Bust

14.  Deadwood

15.  Welcome to the Delta House

16.  Wild Bill

17.  Tailsville is Just up Yonder

18.  Ford Beagle Closes the Book and Opens a New Chapter (or two)




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